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90 Ball | Roomies 2 | Open 24 Hours| BIG Game Qualifiers |
Welcome to our Super Seventies room!

Room Info

This room will be available 24/7 for the entire month of May.

The game is a 90 ball, three-part game with a minimum jackpot of FB£50 on every game, and an XJP of FB£1,500 for claiming full house in 55 balls or less.

BIG Game Qualifiers

Every month we’ll be giving away a 4 piece garden set in our new monthly BIG Game.

To gain entry to the BIG Game, you must win one of our daily qualifying tournaments played throughout the month.

The qualifying tournaments will take place every day in our featured room at the following times:
  • 8.00am - 9.00am
  • 1.00pm - 2.00pm
  • 4.00pm - 5.00pm
  • 9.00pm - 10.00pm
Each qualifier will last approximately one hour, and the player who has won the most FB£s in that time will be invited into the BIG Game for that month.

For more information about the BIG game please visit our news page.
Daily Events
Throughout the day our Super Seventies room will play host to penny bingo.
See our Events Schedule for exact times of these each day.
90 Ball, Progressive JP | Roomies 10 | Open 7.00AM - 11.00PM |

90 Ball, Speed | Roomies 0 | Open 24 hours |

Our F1 Speed Bingo room is one of our most popular rooms, thanks to it’s fast and furious style of play.

The balls are called every 2 seconds, which is twice the speed of our regular bingo rooms.

We have special events in this room every day.

Daily Triple Money Games

Every day at 11.00am and 11.00pm you can join in our Bingo Grand Prix, where all jackpots are trebled for one full hour.

You may even find one of our chat hosts on duty to add to the fun with fast and furious chat games for extra FB£s.

Dabbers, 90 Ball | Roomies 0 | Open 24 hours. |

Our Dabbers Only bingo rooms are where you manually dab your tickets and press bingo to claim.

We are one of the very few online bingo sites to offer this style of play. It is really fun and you can also play it in 75 ball variety.

How to play Dabbers 90 Ball

Start by clicking the tickets button in the top left to purchase your strip of bingo tickets.

You can only buy one strip of tickets, simply because it would be too difficult to dab more than one.

However, the price is FB£5.00 which means the game prize pots are still worthwhile.

When the bingo numbers are called, you must dab them manually using your mouse. Just click the number once and it will be marked with a splat.

It is a three part game, which means we play for one line across, then two lines and then full house.

When you think you have bingo, you must click the BINGO button to claim the win.

Double Dabbers

Double Dabbers is the name of our regular event which takes place in both dabbers only rooms each day.

For a full hour, all game prizes are doubled, which means if you spend FB£5.00 on your tickets, the prize pot will increase by FB£10.

This event takes place every single day at the following times:

  • 12.00am - 01.00am
  • 02.00pm - 03.00pm
  • 07.00pm - 08.00pm

Dabbers 90 has the added benefit of having an XJP (extra jackpot) which adds a further FB£400 to the prize pot to any player who claims full house in 60 calls or less.

Tips & Tricks

Have your sound turned on and listen out for the calls.

If you look carefully at the strip of tickets you will see that all of the numbers 1 to 9 are located in the first column.

The numbers 10 to 19 are in the second column, 20 to 29 in the third column, and so on.

This helps when you are trying to find the number you need, just start at the top and work your way down the column for that number. For example, if 33 is called, go to the top, three columns in and then scroll down until you find it.

Don’t forget, it is down to you to press that BINGO button, if you forget you won’t win!

Dabbers, 75 Ball | Roomies 0 | Open 24 hours |

Our 90 ball Dabbers Only bingo rooms are by far the most popular games here at FreeBingo, so it was inevitable that one day we would launch a 75 ball version.

However, our previous 75 ball game had 6 rather small bingo cards on the screen at once, which made it almost impossible to run as a dabbers only game.

That’s why we have redesigned our entire 75 ball bingo game so that only 2 cards are visible on screen at once, and they’re much bigger, making a dabbers 75 experience possible.

How to play Dabbers 75

Start by clicking the ‘tickets’ button in the top left to purchase your bingo cards.

You can only purchase two bingo cards in this room, but they are priced at FB£2.50 each so that the jackpots are still worthwhile.

When the bingo numbers are called, you must dab the cards manually using your mouse. Just click on the number once and it will be marked with a splat.

Once you have completed any line of 5 in any direction, you must click the BINGO button to claim the win.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t forget that in 75 ball bingo, there is a ‘free space’ in the middle of each card, so you can dab this at any time.

If you are struggling to dab both cards, remember that each number will be found in the column below it’s letter. For example, if ‘N45′ is called, look to the letter N at the top, and then scroll down the column to find 45 below.

Don’t forget that each card is unique and therefore you may get the same number on both of your cards, and sometimes you may not have any numbers to dab at all.

90 Ball, Full House | Roomies 3 | Open 24 hours |

Forget the dog, beware of the roomies!

As the name suggests, the Dog House is one of our two 90 ball games that feature a Full House Only bingo game.

For those new to 90 ball bingo, this is when the game skips the traditional 1-line and 2-line part and players play solely for the full house game (coverall).

The speed of the balls has been increased to ensure you aren’t sat around for too long waiting for that all important full house to be won.

This bingo room is open 24/7 and as you get with our canine friends, the regular players who hang out in this room tend to be friendly and extremely loyal.
New Room
Prizes, 90 Ball | Roomies 0 | Opens at 5.30pm|Win prizes every day in this room. |

Eric’s Prize Tournament will take place every day at 6.00pm.

The player who wins the most FB£s during the tournament will be declared the winner, and gets to choose any prize they wish from ’Eric’s Tournament Prizes’.

These prizes change regularly so keep an eye out for new and exciting things to win! 

Click here to take a look at what’s available.

This room opens half an hour before the event starts and closes shortly after.

Each winner will receive their prize either via email or post, so please ensure your email and postal addresses are kept up to date.

New Room
Prizes, 90 Ball | Roomies 0 | Open everyday at 6.30pm| Win £10 and £25 Paysafecard PINS |

Every week we have £100 worth of paysafecard money up for grabs in a series of seven prize tournaments held over 7 days.

These prize tournaments take place in our special Paysafecard Tournament room every single day, which opens at 6.30pm and closes at 8.10pm.

How Can I Win?

Each Paysafe tournament lasts approximately one hour.

The player who wins the most FB£s during the tournament will be declared the winner and their name announced in the chat at the end of the tournament.

Each winner will receive their paysafecard PIN via email, so please ensure your email address is kept up to date otherwise we will be unable to send you your prize.

Tournament Times

The Paysafecard tournaments will be played every day at 7pm.

What is paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher that allows you to spend money online without the need for a bank or credit card.

Paysafecard vouchers can be purchased at any PayPoint store by exchanging cash for a voucher which contains a 16 digit paysafecard PIN code.

This code can then be used to make cash deposits at all of these online bingo sites that accept paysafecard.

They can also be exchanged for Amazon vouchers, but this will require you to first register at the paysafecard website which involves a text and email confirmation to activate.

Once you have activated your paysafecard account, log-in to their website and then select ’Using Paysafecard > Gift Voucher Shop’ from the top menu.

Paysafecard Tournament Winners

All our lucky paysafecard winners can be found on our winners page

Slots | Roomies 6 | Labyrinth of Egypt |

How to Play Labyrinth of Egypt Slots

Our latest featured slots game is the brand new 15 line Labyrinth of Egypt game.

If you’ve played our other slots games before, you’ll notice that the gameplay and options are pretty much the same, only this time you’ve got a maximum of 15 winning lines to select (rather than only 9).

This means you can bet a maximum of FB£15.00 per spin, but there are more chances of hitting a winning line.

For those completely new to free slots, find our handy guide below on how to play.

  • Select your bet.
  • Select your lines.
  • Spin the reels.

For those wondering where our previous slot games have gone, don’t worry.

Previous themes such as Jungle Fever and Sherlock Slots will return later in the year.

Select Your Bet

The first thing to do is choose how many FB£s you are going to bet on each winning line.

The mimimum bet is FB£0.01 and the maximum bet is FB£1.00.

This means even if you totally max out and play 15 lines, you’ll only ever spend a maximum of FB£15.00 on each spin.

Simply click on the plus arrow next to the word ’BET’ to increase the value of bet.

If you do select the maximum bet, this will also trigger the jackpot to come into play. See payouts for more info.

Select Your Lines

Labyrinth of Egypt can play up to 15 winning lines.

To choose how many lines you wish to play, simply click the plus arrow next to the word ’LINES’ until you reach the desired amount.

Your total spend for each spin will then appear above the word ’BET’.

Spin The Reels

Spinning is simple as pressing the big red ’SPIN’ button, but if you prefer you can also use ’AUTOPLAY’ to do it for you.

To use autoplay, simply click the plus arrow in the top right of the screen to select up to 99 spins.

To start autoplay, then click the blue ’AUTOPLAY’ button.

This will continue to spin the slots for you, only stopping for intermissions or if you activate the bonus round.

Bonus Round

If you get three or more of the Tutankhamun symbols together on the same winning line, you will trigger the bonus round.

Within the bonus round, you will find 5 Pharoahs tombs to choose from.

Behind each tomb is a hidden multiplier which will increase your winnings.


When you get a winning line, the line will flash up on screen and your winnings displayed in the ’WIN’ box.

If you wish to know exactly what each symbol is worth, you can press the blue ’PAYOUTS’ button at the top left, which then displays all that information.

Also included is a guide to the two special symbols; ’Labyrinth’ and ’Tutankhamun’.

Labyrinth appears on reel 1 and substitutes for all symbols except Tutankhamun. It’s power is to multiply any winning line by two.

The Tutankhamun symbol not only triggers the bonus round if you get three in a line, but match all 5 and you will scoop the massive FB£2,500 jackpot!

Help & Support

If you wish to turn the music or sound effects off, you can do so by clicking the sound icons in the top left of the game.

If you have any problems loading the slots games, please try the following solutions in this order, which should hopefully fix the issue.

  1. Log out of FreeBingo and clear your temporary internet files.
  2. Try logging into FreeBingo using a different internet browser.
  3. Try un-installing and re-installing the Flash player.

Clearing your temporary internet files may differ depending on which browser you use.

  • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Delete Browsing History
  • Firefox: Go to Tools > Clear Recent History
  • Google Chrome: Go to Tools > Clear Browsing Data

If you wish to try a different browser, try these links: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google Chrome.

If you need to re-install the Flash Player, find the un-installer here.


BIG Game Qualifier

A NEW event! Gain entry into our BIG Game event at the end of the month by winning a qualifier tournament.

Room: Super Seventies Start Time: 8:00
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Tourney Prize: FB£10,000

BIG Game Qualifier

A NEW event! Gain entry into our BIG Game event at the end of the month by winning a qualifier tournament.

Room: Viva Las Vegas Start Time: 8:00
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Tourney Prize: FB£10,000


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