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Apples & Pears?

Now that we have got a fantastic new London Room you’ll want to speak proper ’Cockney’ like the locals.

Therefore the pearly Kings and Queens of FreeBingo Towers have provided you with this handy guide to Cockney Rhyming slang. Don’t know your Barnaby Rudge from your Ruby Murray? Well don’t despair!

It is said that a genuine Cockney is someone who was born within the sound of Bow Bells (St Mary Le Bow Church in London). But many people know and use Cockney rhyming slang who have never even set foot in London.

Here is a handy translation of some of the more popular phrases…

Adam and Eve = Believe
Airs and Graces = Braces
Almond Rocks = Socks
Apples and Pears = Stairs
Artful Dodger = Lodger

Ball and Chalk = Walk
Barnaby Rudge = Judge
Barnet Fair = Hair
Barney Rubble = Trouble
Bird Lime = Time
Boat Race = Face
Borasic Lint = Skint (broke, no money)
Bricks and Mortar = Daughter
Brown Bread = Dead
Bread and Honey = Money
Bubble and Squeak = Speak
Bull and Cow = Row
Butchers Hook = Look

Cain and Abel = Table
Cape of Good Hope = Soap
Cat and Mouse = House
Chalfont St Giles = Piles
Chalk Farm = Arm
Chew the Fat = Have a chat
China Plate = Mate
Cobblers Awls = Balls
Cream crackered = knackered (exhausted)

Daisy roots = Boots
Derby Kelly = Belly
Dicky Bird = Word
Dicky Dirt = Shirt
Dog and Bone = Telephone
Duchess of Fyfe = Wife
Dustbin Lid = Kid

East and West = Vest
Fife and Drum = Bum
Ghunga Dhin = Chin
Grass in the Park = Nark (informer)
Gregory Peck = Neck

Half-inch = pinch (steal)
Ham and Eggs = Legs
Hampstead heath = Teeth
Ivory Band = Hand

Jack and Jill = Hill
Jack Jones = Alone
Jack the Ripper = kipper
Jam Jar = Car
Jimmy Riddle = Piddle (urinate)
Joanna = Piano (pronouned pianner)
Khybur Pass = Arse (ass, backside)
Loaf of Bread = Head

Mince Pies = Eyes
Mother of Pearl = Girl
Mutt and Jeff = Deaf
Newington Butts = Guts
North and South = Mouth
Old Pot and Pan = Old Man (husband)
Oliver Twist = Wrist

Peckham Rye = Tie
Pen and Ink = Stink
Plates of Meat = Feet
Pork Pies = Lies (porkies)
Rabbit and Pork = Talk
Rosie Lee = Tea
Round the Houses = Trousers
Ruby Murray = Curry

Sherbet Dab = Cab
Skin and Blister = Sister
Sky Rocket = Pocket
Syrup of Fig = Wig

Tea Leaf = Thief
Tit for Tat = Hat (titfer)
Todd Sloane = On your own
Tom and Dick = Sick
Tommy Rollocks = Bollocks
Treacle Tart = Sweetheart
Trouble and Strife = Wife
Turtle Doves = Gloves
Two and Eight = State (He was in a right two and eight)
Whistle and Flute = Suit

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