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VIP Tourney as it happened

Last night I hosted a private tournament to find the winner of our Inside Soap Awards prize which was kindly given to us by jackpotjoy.

63 players in total had confirmed their jackpotjoy username to get on the Guest List, and on the night 40 of those players turned up to fight it out for a truly exclusive and amazing prize of 2 tickets to the Inside Soap Awards, 2 nights at the Hotel Russell, limo to the awards, return train travel and £250 spending money.


The tournament itself took place in our invite only area, which meant only the 40 players who attended got to see the action unfold. There were 22 games played over 2 hours, and this is how it went game-by-game.

GAME 1: flyinghandbag60 won FB£100. catbells won FB£100.
GAME 2: hobbs won FB£42. whippy07 won FB£63. kirstony won FB£105.
GAME 3: teddies2go won FB£44. alison73 won FB£66. pevimp won FB£110.
GAME 4: weehen won FB£42. triffy won FB£63. blarney won FB£105.
GAME 5: crazyamanda won FB44. carol7 won FB£66. isis166 won FB£55. hippo69 won FB£55.
GAME 6: julie24 won FB£46. tiamaria won FB£69. littleles won FB£115.
GAME 7: bernie60 won FB£46. karaokej88 won FB£69. amon1 won FB£115.
GAME 8: teddies2go won FB£45. tiamaria won FB£67.5. xxshirleyannxx won FB£112.5.
GAME 9: rubensol won FB£46. isis166 won FB£69. catbells won FB£115.
GAME 10: hippo69 won FB£44. alison73 won FB£66. corro won FB£110.
GAME 11: rikkity won FB£22. alison73 won FB£22. pevimp won FB£66. free2bingo2011 won FB£110.
GAME 12: whippy07 won FB£44.8. littleles won FB£67.2. amon1 won FB£112.

After one hour, catbells was in the lead with FB£215, followed closely by pevimp (FB£176), alison73 (FB£154) and tiamaria (FB£137). But this tournament was for two hours, and so we carried on…

GAME 13: catbells won FB£46. alison73 won FB£184.
GAME 14: allycat won FB£22.5. rikkity won FB£22.5. blarney won FB£67.5. triffy won FB£112.5.
GAME 15: magz21 won FB£45. bigalan12 won FB£67.5. kirstony won FB£112.5.
GAME 16: Will276 won FB£44.8. littleles won FB£67.2. tiamaria won FB£112.
GAME 17: redbus won FB£44. magz21 won FB£66. tiamaria won FB£110.
GAME 18: paul22 won FB£44. bernie60 won FB£66. wonkeydonkey won FB£110.
GAME 19: redbus won FB£33. kirstony won FB£44. hobbs won FB£143.
GAME 20: whippy07 won FB£43. triffy won FB£64.5. isis166 won FB£107.5.
GAME 21:  redbus won FB£40. bigalan12 won FB£60. teddies2go won FB£100.
GAME 22: magz21 won FB£38.8. minstrels won FB£29.1. blarney won FB£29.1. shazzyshaz won FB£97.


1st: tiamaria FB£358.5 <<< WINNER!
2nd: alison73 FB£338
3rd: kirstony FB£261.5
4th: catbells FB£261
5th: littleles FB£249.4
6th: triffy FB£240
7th: isis166 FB£231.5
8th: amon1 FB£227
9th: blarney FB£201.6
10th: teddies2go FB£189
11th: hobbs FB£185
12th: pevimp FB£176
13th: whippy07 FB£150.8
14th: magz21 FB£149.8
15th: bigalan12 FB£127.5
16th: redbus FB£117
17th: xxshirleyannxx FB£112.5
18th: bernie60 FB£112
19th: corro FB£110
19th: free2bingo2011 FB£110
19th: wonkeydonkey FB£110
22nd: flyinghandbag60 FB£100
23rd: hippo69 FB£99
24th: shazzyshaz FB£97
25th: karaokej88 FB£69
26th: carol7 FB£66
27th: julie24 FB£46
27th:rubensol FB£46
29th: Will276 FB£44.8
30th: crazyamanda FB£44
30th: paul22 FB£44
32nd: weehen FB£42
33rd: minstrels FB£29.1
34th: booty3 FB£22.5
34th: allycat FB£22.5
36th: rikkity FB£22

Thank you to everyone who took part, including those who didn't win a single FB£ and don't even make this chart! Thanks also to our generous sponsor,

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