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Chat Game Winnings Increased

I am pleased to officially announce an important change for all of you who enjoy taking part in our FreeBingo chat games.

For those who are unfamiliar with chat games, these are quizzes, word and number games played in the chat window with the help from one or more of our voluntary chat hosts.

Prize increase

Prior to today, each chat game won was worth FB£20.

I can now reveal that from today, all chat games will be worth a minimum of FB£50 per game!

First three to win

Prior to today, there were usually two winners on every game. These were the first player to get the correct answer, followed by the tenth.

From today onwards, this will change and there will be three winners on every chat game. To make things simpler, it will be the first three players to get the correct answer who will win.

The lag monster

Please be aware that all of our chat hosts do their best to play chat games fairly by awarding wins to the players they see on their screens as being in the top three correct answers.

However, due to delays in internet connections between each player's computer and the game server, the order of chat may appear differently from one screen to the next.

In general chatting this isn't very obvious, but when players type an answer all within the same split second, differences can and do occur. This is why we must insist that the chat host decision is final on all winners.

You can find the rules to our FreeBingo Chat Games here.



"Chat Game Winnings Increased" was published on 6th , posted in Eric’s Updates, Uncategorized and was tagged blog. The post was written by Carl Magnusson

  1. amon1 says:

    Hi Wayne
    I think the idea of three winners is great wayne and raising the prize money for chat games is also a great idea . my only probs is first three winners, as u say lag monster is a problem in the games and i think it will give more peeps a chance if they don’t have to fight for first place all the time. i would just like to say i would prefer maybe 1st 5th an 10th place to give us poor peeps with slow internet to have more of a chance. thank you for oportunity to voice an opinon.

    kind regards


    • CM Wayne says:

      Hi amon1,

      As you know, we had 1st and 10th winners previously, but the issue that raised with the chat hosts was that players were choosing to delay their answer, rather than say it straight away, in the hope they get the 10th position.

      This presented a different problem for the hosts so we decided it was better to keep it simple in this way, and at least three people get to win each time.

      There will always be some lag whatever way we do things, so we can’t please everyone but we’ll try our best!

  2. granfer4444 says:

    hi wayne
    i dont like the new chat game rules, i think it is not a level playing field for players, those with super fast internet will always win and others dont stand a chance, i know it is only for fun but spoils the fun of trying to get 1st or 10th, i agree with amon on 1st 5th and 10th

    • CM Wayne says:

      Hi granfer4444, the argument about super fast internet is the same whatever way you have the rules for such games.

      The issue we are trying to address with these changes is to give players more FB£s, make it simpler, and also help the chat hosts during those shifts were there are perhaps only a dozen players.

      Under the old rules, because 10th was a winning position, most players would wait and not answer straight away, and you get this odd situation occuring where players aren’t posting their answers as they’re trying to get theirs in at 10th.

      It is also more difficult for the chat hosts to find 1st and 10th on their screens than it is to get top three. We’re going to keep it this way for now and see how it goes.

  3. amon1 says:

    Hi wayne

    Thankyou for replying to my comment. and taking my view into account. At the end of the day its all for fun, i’ll just have to be faster on the draw when pressing enter button lol.

    kind regards


  4. mg53 says:

    i think three winners and raising the prize money is a good idea but i agree with amon and granfer 1th 5th 10th is fair .i like playing freebingo and the chat games it is fun . but it is notfair on peeps who are slow at typing i agree it will spoil the fun.

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