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New Bingo Sites

We know why you’re here; you’re here for the same reason everyone else comes here – to discover new bingo sites and new bingo experiences. Well, you’ve come to the right place. It just so happens that we here at Free Bingo are the number one experts on the topic of new bingo sites, and have a broad catalogue you can use to help you fine the places to play that are just right for you. We understand that it’s a daunting task to set out on when hunting for new online bingo sites – after all, the internet is awash with all kinds of sites vying for your attention – so we understand that it can be useful to have a friendly place to help you cut through the noise.

All this is why we decided to be that friendly place, and create what amounts to a database of all the new bingo sites you might possibly want to discover. Here we’ll bring you news of any sites opening their doors to players, and signpost you to super useful and comprehensive reviews of the ones you want to know more about. We’ll be honest with you – if you follow our news and guides closely, you’ll probably become as obsessed with discovering new online bingo experiences as we are!

This is the section of our site with is dedicated to new bingo sites, and we keep it regularly updated with the latest news and releases. However, before you can use this section as the handy resource it’s intended to be, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for in your hunt. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on what to look for when choosing your next bingo destination. So put your feet up, have a little read, and discover how you can find your next favourite new bingo site.

What to Look for in New Bingo Sites

So, you think you want to discover new bingo sites? Ok, but where do you start? You need to know what you’re looking out for at these new bingo sites to know if they’re for you or not. But what to look out for?!?!? Calm down, calm down, we got you. Simply look for the things we mention below and prospective new bingo sites, and you’ll be just dandy.

Ok, let’s keep this straight and simple: you’re signing up to these new bingo sites to enjoy bingo (and probably a few other games), so the first thing you need to take a look at is the gaming software on offer. How many types of bingo are on offer? How many different rooms can you play in? Are there new bingo types you haven’t seen before? And the most important question of all, do the bingo options at these new online bingo sites suit your taste? If the selection is small, or not to your liking, move on!

Ok, what’s the next thing to be looking for at potential new bingo sites? Well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about bonuses and promotions. All self-respecting new bingo sites rely on more than just their games to attract new players, and one of the key ways they do this is by offering welcome bonuses, recurring bonuses and other promotions. For instance, you should be able to either try some games out for free before you sign up to new bingo sites, or at the very least have the chance to claim deposit bonuses when you first put money into your player account. You should be picky about these bonuses, and only sign up to new bingo sites which offer an appropriate selection of decent bonuses for you to claim.

Finally, one super over-looked aspect of new bingo sites which can be really important to how you play and enjoy a site is the theme and general ethos of the site. The colour scheme, theme and general atmosphere of a new bingo site will really govern your feelings towards the site, and if it grates with you, then you’re not going to enjoy it almost half as much as you are if you identify strongly with the theme. That’s why before you deposit any money at any given new bingo sites you should explore the site extensively, and find out for yourself what your personal response is.

What to Avoid at New Bingo Sites

Now, this might sound like common sense to many of you, but this is a factor overlooked by all too many players. Just as much as you need to know what you’re looking for in a positive sense when hunting for new bingo sites, you also need to know what it is you want to avoid to make sure you’re not signing up to a site that at best you’re not going to enjoy, and at worst is going to scam you out of your hard earned cash.

Firstly, let’s talk about licensing. When new bingo sites launch in a new territory, they need to make sure that they’re operating within the laws governing gambling in that territory; i.e. they need a license to operate. All new online bingo sites which intend to be UK facing need to over-seen by the UK Gambling Commission, and as such must obtain a license from the body. If you find a site without one of these licenses, you should steer well clear of playing there.

Next up, let’s think about customer service and responsiveness. Anyone setting up new bingo sites should be doing so because they want to facilitate people enjoying themselves, and an important part of that is providing useful and responsive customer service that you know you can rely on. There’s nothing worse than running into a problem and not being able to get an answer from the site you’re playing at. Luckily, there’s ways to avoid such a situation, at new bingo sites, and that’s simply by giving them a little test before you sign up. Just ask a few questions via different means (email, direct chat, etc.) and see how quickly you get a response, and how useful that response is.
New bingo sites
It’s also worth thinking about the banking options at potential new bingo sites, as this can really affect the way you play. For instance, many bingo sites (including all those on a certain network we’re not going to just throw under the bus here) will only accept credit and debit card deposits. Ideally, you should be on the lookout for new bingo sites which accept a broader range of depositing and withdrawal options, to ensure you can pay and play in a way that suits you!

The last thing we think you should be careful to avoid is new bingo sites which have no or low quality chat hosts. Chat hosts are the people paid by the site that moderate the chat, and make sure you make lots of new bingo friends. If there are none in the chatrooms, or they’re rubbish, or worst of all, if there is no chat room, then you should probably be steering pretty clear of the new bingo sites which are making this faux pas.

How to Discover New Bingo Sites

So by now we assume you’re going to be experts in deciding is any given new bingo site is for you, or whether you should give it a miss. While it’s important to be able to assess new bingo sites for yourself, it’s equally important that you know where to go to find the information you need to be able to make such an assessment. It just so happens, though, that you’ve already stumbled upon the right place. Right here we provide you with everything you need to know about all the new bingo sites hitting the market.

We work tirelessly, and call upon all our many connections in the industry to ensure that when a new site is launched, we’re the very first people to know about it, and our turn-around time on this news means that our readers know before pretty much anyone else. This, along with the sheer volume of sites we already cover, means that we’re the number one resource for players on the hunt for new bingo sites.

Not only is our catalogue of new online bingo sites the most comprehensive in terms of the number of new bingo sites we’re going to introduce to you, it’s also the highest quality and most comprehensive in terms of the amount of information we’re going to feed you about each site too. We don’t take our job in the slightest bit lightly, and we know it’s really important that we tell you as much as possible about your prospective new bingo sites as possible before you take the plunge and play there, which is why we work to ensure that we research each and every element you’re likely to care about, so that you can make informed and level-headed decisions about where to play next. You’re not on your own – we have your back!

New bingo sites often offer players far better welcome bonuses than you would expect to find on established sites. No deposit bingo offers (allowing you to play for free) have become increasingly common on new sites. Typically you can expect to find anything from £1 no deposit, right up to £15 free. We've highlighted the best features of each game to help you choose the site that best suits what you are looking for!

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