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February 2024

An introduction to Recommended Sites by Free Bingo UK

The majority of online and mobile bingo players would tell you that they only want to play at the very top bingo sites the can find, and while this definitely sounds like an admirable quest, it does rather raise the questions of what exactly constitutes the top bingo sites, how you assess the quality of bingo websites, and how you pick out the best online bingo from all the other hundreds of sites vying for your attention. See, there’s a lot more to this whole best bingo sites business than you might first have thought.

Here at Free Bingo, we’re all about finding the best bingo sites and sharing what we find with you, our readers. This is why we have this entire section of our site dedicated to the hunt for and information about top bingo sites and, including news when new great sites are launched, reviews of sites we think you’ll love, and information about how to play at some of the top bingo sites on the web.

We know that everyone’s tastes are different, and the bingo sites UK players are in to might not be what other player from around the world want at their bingo sites, which is why we make an effort to understand our audience, while at the same time taking the most objective approach we can to discovering the top bingo sites the internet has to offer.

In our dedicated Top Bingo Sites section, we regularly update our site with our latest finds, but to help you understand what we’re talking about, and the criteria we’re working to, we thought we’d give you a quick guide to how we choose the sites we feature.

List of Recommended Sites online sites

  • Heart Bingo
  • Lottoland Bingo
  • Costa Bingo
  • Sing Bingo
  • PlayOJO Bingo
  • OK Bingo
  • BetVictor Bingo
  • Zeus Bingo
  • Viking Bingo
  • William Hill Bingo
  • Tombola
  • Double Bubble Bingo

Summing up Recommended Sites by Free Bingo UK

Defining the Best Bingo Sites

The very first task you need to complete to find the best bingo sites is to first work out exactly what you ideal would be. Basically, visualise the best bingo sites you can think of, and plan out what features included in it you’d need to have to consider bingo websites to be perfect. From there you can work backwards, and start finding websites that fit what you’re after. These are your top bingo sites.

Firstly, I think it can be said quite confidently and with minimum discussion that the very best bingo sites are going to be the ones with the best online bingo games. Bingo software comes in all shapes and sizes, with some of the bingo sites UK players are exposed to having dozens of different types, while other simply let you choose between one or two different bingo games. While it tends to be that the top bingo sites are the ones with the largest choice available, quantity isn’t everything, and a site can have a really decent selection of bingo with fewer choices, if they work hard on getting the winning formula in-game.

Another thing to consider, and certainly something else that marks out the top bingo sites from the competition, is the bonuses and promotions that the site offers. You shouldn’t even be considering playing at a bingo site unless it offers a decent welcome package – we’re talking some combination including things like no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, free bingo cards or wheel of fortune spins. All this is important to welcoming you into the fold, and making sure you start of your tenure at a new site happy. However, the very top bingo sites will also ensure they’re taking good care of their returning players too, by offering recurring promotions, and things like weekly and seasonal promotions which make it worthwhile revisiting a site and playing there again and again.
While bonuses are a great sign that you’ve found a top bingo site, there’s a few other signs to look out for to ensure your chosen site really likes to look after its players. One of these is customer service; the best bingo sites we know of all have the most responsive and useful customer service you can hope for. If you have a problem depositing, accessing the site or – god forbid – withdrawing your winnings. You deserve to be treated with quality and respect and decent customer service is part of that, another part is banking. All the top bingo sites make sure they provide their players with plenty of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing, so that you can pay and play in a way that suits you!

Hunting for the Best Bingo Sites

So, you know best bingo sites look like, but now comes the tricky task of actually tracking them down. The sheer number of bingo sites UK players can access is astounding, with hundreds of new ones going online every year, so finding the best online bingo experiences can often feel like a full time job if you’re taking it seriously. Luckily for you, however, you’ve already found the only destination you’ll ever need to feed you information on all the best existing, new and upcoming top bingo sites, which we’ll feed directly to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Each day, we go through dozens and dozens of different bingo websites to assess the relative pros and cons of playing at each of them, and we’re then able to tell you with great authority which are the top bingo sites, and which ones don’t deserve your attention. We look at all aspects that might affect the way you feel about a bingo site, and break them down into easy to understand information which you can consume in a way that suits you. We understand that the top bingo sites will be different for different players, and will change over time, which is why instead of giving you a fixed, definitive list of what we think you should be playing, we constantly update our site with new information on great sites we think you’ll love.
So how is it we’re finding you the top bingo sites? It’s simple – we just work hard, so you don’t have to. Starting from the outset, we here at Free Bingo wanted to make it as relatively easy as possible for our readers to find bingo experiences they’ll love. You’ll still need to do a little leg work, reading through all the information we’ve collated, but we’ve made it as simple as we can.
One word of advice – when you’re embarking on your quest to find the top bingo sites for you, you need to remember never to settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for. While the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of sites to choose from can make the idea of hunting for the one right for you daunting, it’s also important to remember that this can work to your favour. By giving you plenty of choice, you’re empowered to hold out until you find the site that offers you exactly what you want from an online or mobile bingo site. Believe us when we say that there’s a bingo site out there for every player, and it’s just a matter of being patient and doing your research to find it.

The Road to the Top Bingo Sites is Never Straight

The best bingo sites can be elusive, and lesser bingo websites masquerading as the best can get in your way on your quest to find your best bingo sites, which can annoy and frustrate you in equal measures if you don’t know what you’re looking out for. Luckily, your old pals over here at Free Bingo know all the tell-tale signs that a bingo site isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and are here to offer you a few tips on how to steer clear of the dodgy sites, and make sure you only play enjoy the very best online bingo. It’s easier than you might think to pick out the top bingo sites from the chaff, but you have to keep your wits about you, and make sure you don’t fall into one of these traps…
The top bingo sites are all legit. What do we mean by that? Well, they’re sites which are licensed and legal, and not going to mug you off for your money or personal information. The bingo sites UK players are safe to play at are all registered and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, meaning that if a new site you find doesn’t have a license number with them, it’s not legit, and by extension, not one of the top bingo sites.

You also need to look out for scam sites that claim to be top bingo sites, but are in fact just trying to part you from your money. The best bingo sites will have extensive information about how they operate, how they’re licensed, and how they safeguard your money – if this information is missing from a site you’re playing at, chances are it’s not all it claims to be, and you should be cautious. All too many players become victims of dodgy sites, when they could easily avoid it by doing a little research.

Some More Info

  • BetVictor Bingo

    You may know BetVictor as the smooth and stylish sports and casino betting site, but the BetVictor family just got a new addition- BetVictor Bingo! That's right, you can now play exciting bingo games on the BetVictor site. That means all the style and service you love, now with added bingo!

  • William Hill Bingo

    William Hill may be renowned for their sports betting, but have you seen their bingo section? William Hill Bingo deviates from the site's usual yellow and navy branding, opting instead for a lighter pink and white theme. There are bingo games starting every few minutes, plus lots of slot games to enjoy too.

  • Lottoland Bingo

    Lottoland does more than just offer slots and lottery games. It also offers bingo! There are many bingo rooms available, including those with big jackpots and penny bingo. You can also enjoy the lottery draws and slot games that Lottoland offers by going to the different site tabs.

  • PlayOJO Bingo

    Most people have heard of PlayOJO- they are known for their fantastic slot and casino games, as well as their quirky and unique branding. But now, OJO is making waves for a new reason- they have launched themselves into the world of online bingo with PlayOJO Bingo!

  • Double Bubble Bingo

    Pink and green are the quirky colours of Double Bubble Bingo, a lovely site with a vintage feel and thoroughly modern games. The games catalogue is enormous, with bingo, slots, casino, poker, and more all available on the site! Promotions are available too, offering players even more chances to win.

  • Tombola

    Tombola is arguably one of the biggest brands in UK bingo currently, and it works hard for its reputation. The site is modern, fresh-faced, and incredibly easy to use. Tombola offers bingo, but you can use your Tombola account to play slot games on its sister site, Tombola Arcade.